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Born,on April 24th,1955 in New Orleans,La.My family moved to Los Angeles in 1959.I began playing the guitar at the age of (5) in Smith Chapel Holiness Church now known as Chapel of Peace.Another major turning point came when I attended Alain Leroy Locke High School.It really opened up a whole new world for a self taught 1-4-5 chord playing kid from the church.I remember the sounds of the 60's and early 70's they were truly the most musical years ever. In 1972,I was introduced to singer,songwriter, producer, and recording artist Willie Hutch whom at that time was putting together a band for his tours and recording projects at Motown Records.It was a real challenge and a great blessing in disguise.

"Looking back in retrospect I realize just how fortunate I am..."

The Members Were:

Lawrence (Slim) Dickens / Bass
Tim Lawson / Guitar
Fred White / Drums
Munyungo Jackson / Percussion
Nathaniel Morgan Jr / Keyboards
Gemi Taylor / Guitar

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